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Laser Varicose Veins Surgery

Varicose Veins are dilatation of veins due to failure of valves or obstruction to the forward flow of blood or leakage of arterial blood into veins

They may occur in lower limbs and are then called varicose veins

They may also appear umbilicus and lower esophagus due to cirrhosis of liver

Varicose veins are seen in professionals who stand for a long duration or post pregnancy or deep vein thrombosis

Some varicose veins of lower limb are genetic in origin and are seen in blood related individuals

Varicose veins lead to stasis of blood in lower limb n lead to

  1. Pain in calf
  2. Disfigurement
  3. Bleeding through enlarged veins
  4. Ulceration at ankle

The tests advised are

  1. Doppler venous study
  2. USG of abdomen and pelvis

The treatment of varicose is advised only if the patient is symptomatic

Treatment options available are

  1. LASER Therapy. Requires Local anesthesia and leads to early mobilization and it is cosmetically superior to any other method
  1. Traditional ligation and striping of vein but requires anesthesia
  1. Injection therapy ESP for localized varicosity
  1. Transcutaneous lasers for treatment of spider veins in cosmetically aesthetic manner.
  1. Radiofrequency may be used instead of laser for ablation of varicose veins

Varicose Ulcers treatment require

  1. Dressings
  2. Compression stockings
  3. Elevation of leg
  4. Treatment of varicose veins
  5. Skin grafting

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