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Laparoscopic Colon Surgery

Laparoscopic Colon Surgery is done for obstruction due to stricture (narrowing), Infection (diverticulitis), Inflammation (ulcerative colitis), Cancer of Colon or prolapse of rectum, sliding down of rectum through the anal canal.

Diagnosis of Colon disease

  • Patients with obstruction present with pain colicky, bloating, vomiting and inability to pass flatus stool.
  • Weight loss
  • Anemia
  • Feculent vomiting
  • Lump in abdomen

Investigations required are,

  • Xray of abdomen in standing position
  • Sonography of the abdomen and pelvis
  • CT scan of abdomen
  • Blood tests for fitness
  • Cancer detection tests

Laparoscopic Colon Surgery can be done if there isn’t much distension of the abdominal cavity. Dissection of colon is performed. Staplers are used for excision and rejoining of intestine.

Advantages of laparoscopy is smaller wounds, lesser wound complications, rapid recovery and less intra-abdominal adhesions.

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