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Kidney Surgery

Kidney Surgery is done for

  1. Stone in the kidney, ureter and urinary bladder
  2. Non-functioning kidney
  3. Cancer of kidney
  4. Congenital PUJ obstruction

Patients presents with

  1. Pain in loin
  2. Hematuria(blood in urine)
  3. Infection (fever burning micturition)
  4. Weight loss in case of malignancy


  1. Examination of patient
  2. X ray
  3. Sonography
  4. CT Scan
  5. IVP
  6. Cancer markers

Treatment of stones

  1. If small
    1. Hydrotherapy
    2. Pain killers
    3. Diuretics
    4. Skipping on rope
    5. Uric acid lowering agents if it is elevated
  2. Large stones
    1. Especially if they are more than 10mm or associated with infection
    2. Or associated with a single kidney
  3. Treatment options are
    1. ESWL
    2. PCNL
    3. Rarely nephrectomy
  4. ESWL advantages
    1. No anesthesia
    2. Minimal pain
    3. Can be repeated
    4. Unfit patients(IHD) can be offered this treatment
  5. PCNL Advantages
    1. Large stones can be cleared at one sitting
  6. Disadvantages
    1. Requires anesthesia
    2. Bleeding could be a problem

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