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Cystoscopy Surgery

Cystoscopy Surgery is a procedure to see the inside of a urinary bladder urethra and ureteric orifices


  1. Before and part of ureteroscopy
  2. ureteric stone removal ureteric catheterisation Turp
  3. bladder cancer
  4. Diagnosis of bleeding per urethra
  5. Evaluation of bladder fistulas
  6. Evaluation of bladder capacity
  7. Diagnosis of tuberculosis
  8. Ureterocoel
  9. Ureteric reflux
  10. Retention of urine
  11. Stricture of urethra
  12. Trauma to urethra


  1. Routine
  2. IVP
  3. CT Scan


  1. Requires local anesthesia in females
  2. Gen anesthesia or regional anesthesia in males

These Procedures that can be combined with Cystoscopy

VIU visual internal urethrotomy for stricture of urethra

Biopsy of bladder to rule out tuberculosis malignancy

URS or ureterorenoscopy

Removal of bladder calculus

Turp (trans urethral resection of prostate)

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